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Financial Restructuring Free Course [11-Part Series]

This 11-part course will give you to a high-level overview of financial restructuring

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Restructuring Course: Free 11-Part Mini-Series

In this 11-part free mini-course, you will learn about financial restructuring. The course is meant to introduce newbies to a high level overview of financial restructuring and set the stage for advanced analysis. The first few videos demonstrate using simple examples how companies find themselves in distress.

The next several videos illustrate how financial restructuring can be used to cure the distress. The last several videos dive deeper into priorities, valuation of firms under distress, and considerations for distressed debt investors.

Click here if you want to go further and learn how to model a real restructuring and bankruptcy.

Restructuring Course Material [Excel Template]

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Part 1, Introduction

Part 2, Simple Example

Part 3, Simple Example Continued

Part 4, In Court vs. Out of Court Process

Part 5, Out of Court Sample Plan

Part 6, Priority in Bankruptcy

Part 7, Chapter 11 Process

Part 8, Restructuring Plan

Part 9, Restructuring Plan Continued

Part 10, Valuation

Part 11, Distressed Debt Perspective

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