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Short-Form LBO Model

Short-Form LBO Model Tutorial [Four-Part Video Series]

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Short-Form LBO Model – Excel Template

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Purchase Price Assumptions [Part 1]

Introductory LBO Resources

Sources and Uses Table and Financial Forecast [Part 2]

LBO Capital Structure Basics Resources

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Cash Flow Statement (CFS) and Debt Schedule [Part 3]

Cash Flow Build and Debt Schedule Resources

Exit Assumptions and Returns Schedule [Part 4]

Returns Schedule (IRR and MOIC)

Private Equity Recruiting: LBO Modeling Tests

If you’re preparing for upcoming private equity interviews, review our set of free practice LBO modeling tests – as well as consider enrolling in our Private Equity Masterclass, the top private equity training program available in the market.

Master LBO Modeling Our Advanced LBO Modeling course will teach you how to build a comprehensive LBO model and give you the confidence to ace the finance interview.
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